Artist Suzanne Redmond with her flower paintings

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I am an artist who paints my own flower gardens. They’re inspired by my walks, but the colors and shapes often come from my imagination. I also host a podcast called The Left Brain Artist where I interview a new artist every week.

Flower painting by Suzanne Redmond

My Art

I paint gardens that are inspired by my walks through the woods. Some flowers are realistic, and some are new shapes with color choices that have come from my imagination. Click on this photo to see my artwork.

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My Podcast

I've always said, artists do the coolest things. They also have the best stories about their art, their techniques, and the many ways they earn income. I've taken their stories and put them into a podcast, where I interview a different artist every Wednesday. Click on the logo to see the List of Episodes.

Flower painting by Suzanne Redmond

My Newsletter

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