I’m Suzanne Redmond,  an artist and art lover. My paintings are created using acrylics and I add illustrations with paint pens. I do this from my home in Florida, where I live with my family. 

My life has taken on many forms — I guess you could call me a Renaissance Soul. I started in business with a degree in accounting, and for a decade I worked in financial and contract management. Going back to school at age 30, I received a degree in Baking and Pastry, spending a decade in the restaurant and baking business. Exploring my artistic side even more, I started selling my jewelry designs and paintings. As I became more connected with the arts community, I found myself organizing art shows, helping artists with their business and writing tasks, and interviewing them for my podcast.

I now have a successful podcast called The Left Brain Artist, where I interview one artist each week. In Season 1, you can also find business tip episodes, and I’m reworking those into resources that artists can use to better their business. 

I’m also showing my paintings in galleries and local shows. Visit my artwork page to see my art, and inquire about purchasing.