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For years I’ve been connecting with artists through local art exhibits, as well as local arts organizations. I’ve also traveled to take art classes and have met some amazing artists from all over the country. What’s impressed me is how I’ve seen so many businesses change over time — the artist adapts to what the customer wants; what’s happening with the economy; and their own desire to evolve their style. They’ve stretched beyond the single income source of selling originals, to teaching, lecturing, selling prints, licensing their work, and putting on their own shows. It’s the artists’ stories that have so interested me for so long. This podcast is my dream: to listen to an artist speak enthusiastically about their process and their path, no matter how crazy the route has been. I hope you enjoy hearing these stories as much as I have.

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You can listen right from the Show Notes page, or you can use any podcast app to find The Left Brain Artist podcast, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Google Play, or Stitcher. The music in my podcast has been composed and performed by Squire Tuck (Season 1) and John Bartmann (Season 2).

Season 2

Episode #119 Susan Lenart: Creating Sacred Devotional Jewelry
Episode #118 Melissa Partridge: Color Me Happy with Painting
Episode #117 Melissa Doty: Watercolors, Acryl Gouache, and Geometric Shapes
Episode #116: Ted Vadakan: A Creative Collaboration called Poketo
Episode #115 Lucie Duclos: Surface Pattern Designer, Instructor, and Mixed Media Artist
Tammy Kanat
Episode #114 Tammy Kanat: Weaving Sculptures in Australia
Episode #113 Shandra Smith: Collaborations in Surface Design
Episode #112 Amanda Hilburn: Creating an Artist Community
Episode #111 Lisa Congdon: Artist, Illustrator, and Author
Episode #110 Stacey Mandell: Communicating Through Shorthand
Episode #109 Betty Krause: Painter of Abstract Florals and Master at Videos and Instagram
Episode #108 Melissa Mastrangelo: Artwork Inspired by the Beauty of Nature
Episode #107 Kellee Wynne Conrad: Helping Artists Find Their True Colors
Episode #106 Francis Sills: Landscape and Plein Aire Artist
Episode #105 Wendy Brightbill: Gathering Beauty in the Everyday
Episode #104 Margaret Byrd: Placing Ephemeral Art into the World
Episode #103 Mati Rose McDonough: Artist and Daring Adventurer
Episode#102 Faith Evans-Sills: Painter, Creative Guide, and Retreat Leader
Episode #101 Crystal Neubauer: Bringing New Life to Forgotten Objects

Season 1

100th Episode of The Left Brain Artist
Episode #100 Celebrating 100 Episodes
Episode #99 Morgan Winter: Painter and Maker in Brooklyn
Bonus Episode #98 Trying Out New Tools and Materials
Episode #97 Sara Schroeder: Art Supplies and Instagram Tips
Bonus Episode #96 What is Email Marketing?
Episode #95 Desha Peacock: Creative Business Coach
Bonus Episode #94 How to Self-Publish a Book of Your Art
Episode #93 Lara Chapman: Nature Photographer and Author
Bonus Episode #92 The Wonders at Your Library
Episode #91 Jenny Doh: An Art Career Rising to a Crescendoh
Bonus Episode #90 Do You Want to Try Live Painting?
Episode #89 Jessica Hitchcock: Creating Paintings Filled with Joy
Bonus Episode #88 How to Prepare for an Art Show
Episode #87 Mary Price: Intuitive Painting in the UK
Bonus Episode #86 Keeping Up with Your Art Skills
Episode #85 Jill Lefkowitz: From Makeup Artist to Fine Artist
Bonus Episode #84 Everything You Need to Know about Skype
Episode #83 Harriet Silverstein: From Teaching Artist to Fine Artist
Bonus Episode #82 How to Host an Art Workshop
Episode #81 Amanda Jolley: Encaustic Painting in her Studio Joy
Bonus Episode #80 How to Start a Podcast
Episode #79 Mitch Bowler: Offering Art Classes for All
Bonus Episode #78 Art Collaborations
Episode #77 Kole Trent: Gallery Owner and Mural Artist
#76 Art Print Basics
#75 Nick Ringelstetter: From Art Shows to Murals
Bonus Episode #74 Working Your Way Out of a Creative Block
#73 Chris Zydel: Healing through Creativity
Bonus Episode #72 Is a Co-op Gallery Right for You?
Episode #71 AJ Brockman: Creating a New Model for Selling Art
Bonus Episode #70 Getting Back to Art
Episode #69 Katiana Jarbath Smith: Honoring Her Culture with Her Art
Bonus Episode #68 Are You Accountable?
Episode #67 Lisa Sonora: Traveling Artist in Oaxaca, Mexico
Bonus Episode #66 The Art of Visual Journaling
Episode #65 Amanda Grace: Artist and Pilgrim Soul
Bonus Episode #64 Making Goals for the New Year
Episode #63 Edrian Thomidis: Maker of Figurative Ceramic Sculptures
Bonus Episode #62 Facebook Pop-up Shops
Episode #61 Kecia Deveney: An Artist of Many Talents
Bonus Episode #60 Give Yourself Permission to Make Art
Episode #59 Crystal Neubauer: Bringing New Life to Forgotten Objects
Bonus Episode #58 The World of Podcasts
Episode #57 Laura Horn: Australian Artist, Instructor, and Social Media Master
Bonus Episode #56 Telling Your Art Story
Episode #55 Michael deMeng: Assemblage Artist and World Traveling Instructor
Bonus Episode #54 What is a CV and Why Should Artists Have One
Episode #53 Suzanne Redmond: Artist and Creator of this Podcast
Bonus Episode #52 How to Develop Your Art Style
Episode #51 Ardith Goodwin: Self-Taught Artist Shares What She Learned
Bonus Episode #50 What are Facebook Groups?
Episode #49 Carrie Brummer: Creating an Artist Strong Community
Bonus Episode #48 The World of Public Art
Episode #47 Eduardo Mendieta: Street Artist
Bonus Episode #46 Create Your Own Art Opportunities
Episode #45 Connie Solera: 21 Secrets, Art Retreats, and Classes
Bonus Episode #44 How Artists Can Use Instagram
Episode #43 Maria Tritico: Jewelry Artist and Art Therapist
Bonus Episode #42 How to Hang and Display Your Art
Episode #41 Karla Walter: Ceramic Artist and Maker of Crows
Bonus Episode #40 What to Expect at a Destination Art Class
Episode #39 Jana Freeman: Creator of Way Art Yonder Studio
Bonus Episode #38 Writing Articles for Magazines
Episode #37 Roben-Marie Smith: The Tech-Savvy Artist
Bonus Episode #36 Art and Business Books for Artists
Episode #35 Tonia Jenny: Creatively Editing, Writing, and Coaching
Bonus Episode #34 Building Your Art Business Network
Episode #33 Craig McInnis: Artist, Musician, and Creator of Haunted Houses
Bonus Episode #32 How to Develop Your Online Brand
Episode #31 Jodi Ohl: Author, Artist, and Creative Instructor
Bonus Episode #30 Creating a Pop-up Gallery
Episode #29 Trina Slade-Burks: Artist and Businesswoman
Bonus Episode #28 Hosting a Home Art Show
Episode #27 Anthony Burks: Creating Beauty with Colored Pencils
Bonus Episode #26 The Many Incomes of Art
Episode #25 Beverly Ash Gilbert: An Artist with an Eye for Color
Bonus Episode #24 Art that’s Good for the Environment
Episode #23 Jennifer O’Brien: Artist and Director of Resource Depot
Bonus Episode #22 Alternative Art Studio Ideas
Episode #21 Carrie Schmitt: Artist, Art Retreat Facilitator, and Author
Bonus Episode #20 Keeping Track of Your Art Inventory
Episode #19 Roxanne Evans Stout: Collage from a River Garden
Bonus Episode #18 How to Find Your Local Art Scene
Episode #17 Carin Wagner: Realistic Oil Painter of Nature
Bonus Episode #16 All About Outdoor Art Shows
Episode #15 e’Layne Kelley: Artist and Business Creator
Bonus Episode #14 What is a Call to Artists and How do you Respond to It?
Episode #13 Jen Fisher: From Interior Designer to Artistic Painter
Bonus Episode #12 Take the Adventure of a Destination Art Class
Episode #11 Stephanie Lee: Jewelry Artist, Painter, and Instructor
Bonus Episode #10 Everything You Need to Know about Online Classes
Episode #9: Stephanie Jones Rubiano: Maker of Dimensional Shadow Boxes
Bonus Episode #8: Evaluating Your Year and Making New Goals
Episode #7: Nicole Galluccio: Acrylic Painter with a Bold, Colorful Style
Bonus Episode #6: How to Establish an Art Practice
Episode #5: Jennifer Love Gironda: Prolific Artist and High School Art Teacher
Bonus Episode #4: Approaching Galleries: How to Find Them, How to Talk to Them
Episode #3: Barbara Powell: Ceramic artist specializing in raku and saggar
Bonus Episode #2: Why You Should Join a Local Artists’ Group
Episode #1: Bobbin Salisbury: Watercolor Artist, Instructor, and Illustrator
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