#11 Stephanie Lee: Jewelry Artist, Painter, and Instructor

#11 Stephanie Lee: Jewelry Artist, Painter, and Instructor

Stephanie Lee is a painting and jewelry artist who has a long history of teaching incredibly interesting classes. She has taught many live workshops, as well as online classes. She’s very generous with her teaching, giving so much more content than you’d expect. She gives you art, words, and courses, that come straight from her heart.

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Stephanie Lee

Here are some of the things we discussed on this episode (click on the names to follow the links):

You can find Stephanie’s classes and artwork on her website.

She also can be found on Instagram.

She has taught at this national art retreat: Art & Soul Retreat

She teaches a class called Stephanie Lee’s How to Create an Online Course.

She also teaches The Wholehearted Artist.

You can find her book Semi-Precious Salvage on Amazon.

Here are some takeaways from my conversation with Stephanie:

  1. This is one of my favorite quotes from our conversation. “I have the teacher spirit, which is being willing to share what you know, because you think it will be useful to someone else, without thinking that you know more than somebody else.” Isn’t that wonderful?
  2. She doesn’t use Etsy or her website anymore to sell artwork. She’s had good success just posting items on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. People still want to hear stories from artists; they’re just not on blogs. She utilizes the Instagram stories feature.
  4. Don’t spend a lot of time on something if it’s not profitable. It’s a good thing to analyze this about so many things you do.
  5. She can handle about two platforms on social media and engage consistently. There’s no reason to force yourself to do too many.
  6. When her book came out, she was able to teach at more venues and the classes filled up faster.
  7. She chose to offer mini-courses for $15 so they would be affordable and can cover an art topic.
  8. And finally, do you your best and get going, or else you’re never going to create it. I think those are good words to live by.

My next business episode will be about destination art classes.

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