#42 How to Hang and Display Your Art

Every artist should know how to hang and display their art because its not always done by a gallery staff. In this episode, I’ll go over three areas you’ll need to cover when hanging art for a show: #1 Preparing the artwork for display; #2 Arranging where the artwork will go and what it will need to be displayed; and #3 Doing the actual hanging and setting up the art.

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Artwork from Continuum 2018 pop-up Gallery. Notice the two different ways that the jewelry is displayed.
Notice that the artwork is in line vertically and the second columns are in line horizontally.
In this image from the 2014 Continuum gallery, the sculpture has been put on the pedestal against the wall so that it can't be knocked into. The bird pictures by artist Anthony Burks, on the right, are treated like an installation and were arranged and hung by him.
Notice that the sides of the paintings are finished and they have the same visual line down the wall.
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