#66 The Art of Visual Journaling

#66 The Art of Visual Journaling

Art journaling is extremely popular for artists as a way to work out their thoughts, try new art techniques, or record their life milestones. Whether you call it art journaling, visual journaling, or something else, it can include writing, painting, pasting, and can use many different tools and techniques. As Amanda Grace in episode #65 tells her students, it can be a way to get back to your creative self. Today’s episode will talk about the different kinds of journaling and why you may enjoy doing them.

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Here are a few books that I own that give you some great art journaling ideas. You can find many more in the library or bookstore. You can also find how-to videos on YouTube or through artist websites.

These are some art journal pages that I’ve made, The first was the cover for a collaborative book swap. In the center photo, I was practicing backgrounds as well as my ability to draw faces. And the third one is a spread I did based on some prompts in Connie Solera’s 21 Secrets series of classes. (This was not the current 21 Secrets, but a few years ago.)

What are your favorite tools for art journaling?

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