#84 Everything You Need to Know about Skype
Suzanne Redmond

#84 Everything You Need to Know about Skype

Artists are looking for conference call software so they can collaborate remotely with other artists, record conversations to embed in their online courses, or to use for podcast interviews. While there are many software and app choices, I use the old standard, Skype. I take you through what you should consider when choosing recording software, and I tell you why I’ve chosen to use Skype. I’ll also give you tips for using Skype.

Listen here or download from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, CastBox, or Stitcher.

When you use Skype, you'll see a split screen of you plus the person you are talking to. Here I am with artist Nick Ringelstetter, who I interviewed in Episode #75.

Here's a behind the scenes photo of Nick talking to me. We are both using laptops and headphones, which helps to ensure the best sound quality.

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