#133 Suzanne Redmond: Artist and Podcast Host

#133 Suzanne Redmond: Artist and Podcast Host

Suzanne Redmond is the creator of this podcast. Each week she interviews an artist from all over the world. For this episode, the tables are turned and Suzanne is interviewed about how she came to art, how she developed her artistic style, and why she started this podcast. She also reveals who her dream artist interview would be. Suzanne is interviewed here by her son, comedian and fellow podcaster, Michael Springthorpe.

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Suzanne Redmond

Wildflower Path
Ribbon Garden Moonlight
Walking the Butterfly Path
Suzanne Redmond and Michael Springthorpe
Suzanne Redmond and Michael Springthorpe after his New York City improv show Batsu
Morocco was filled with colorful inspiration.
Watercolors in Morocco at the rooftop terrace.

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  1. I haven’t listened to your podcast yet, but I wanted to tell you how inspirational your artwork is to me. For 15 years I designed courses and programs for the community at Montgomery College in Maryland. There was little time for my own artwork, but I am trying to focus on it now since I am retired.
    Thank you for your outreach to many.

    1. Thank you. Good for you for focusing on your artwork! I hope you listen to some podcast episodes. They’re very enjoyable.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I really enjoyed this episode with your son interviewing you. What a great idea! You obviously have a sweet relationship with him to do the back and forth required for a podcast. It was fun to hear the path your career has taken. I think your amazing variety of jobs and skills has all added up to who you are and what you do today. It’s brought you to this point of producing a very enjoyable and informative podcast. Thank you! (It was also fun to hear my name mentioned as a question asker!) Keep putting out such an awesome podcast!
    Glenna Lundberg

    1. Hi Glenna,
      I’m so glad you liked the interview! It was so strange being on the other side of things. I thought I was talking too much! But I get that you have to! I’m glad you enjoyed hearing my interaction with my son. We certainly have fun together. Thanks for listening and for contributing a question.

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