#96 What is Email Marketing?
Bonus Episode #96 What is Email Marketing?

#96 What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is using email to promote your products or services. It can be argued that email is more important and a more reliable way to promote your business and convert that promotion into sales. I will explain how you can get names for your list, give recommendations for email software, and suggest what to include in a newsletter and how to create one.

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Who has an list of email names?
Who has actually used that list for email marketing?

I'm going to practice what I preach, and in the next two weeks I will be sending out a newsletter to my email list. I'll include some sneak previews of upcoming interviews. If you'd like to get on my list, please sign up using my Contact Form.

I interviewed Desha Peacock in Episode #95. She emphasized the importance of email marketing. If you would like to have her FREE Email List Building Training, use this link.

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