#14 What is a Call to Artists and How do you Respond to It?

In my interview with artist Jen Fisher, she talked about how she she applied for art shows by responding to a Call to Artists. Now that she is known in our County, she is being invited to show at museums or galleries. But before she got to that point, she and many other artists get their work into shows by responding to a Call to Artists. Listen to this episode so you will learn how to respond to a Call to Artists. I have links below where you can find Calls to Artists.

Listen here or download from iTunes, CastBox, or Stitcher.

Call for Entry is a general site that lists Calls from all over the United States. 

The Art Guide is another website that lists many Calls to Artists.

You can also try Zapplication.

I haven’t used this website before, but I’ve heard artists have had good luck using The Entry Thingy to find Calls.

And here’s one more to try: Side Arts.

In Palm Beach County, Florida, we have a resource called The Rickie Report which lists Calls to Artists.

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