#21 Carrie Schmitt: Artist, Art Retreat Facilitator, and Author

#21 Carrie Schmitt: Artist, Art Retreat Facilitator, and Author

Carrie Schmitt’s artwork is beautiful colorful painted flowers. She is also a retreat facilitator, and teaches classes near Seattle, Washington, and next year in France. We talk about her one-year project, called The Single Rose Project, where she handed out a rose to one person every day for a year, and we also talk about her newest adventure, Rosie’s Art Bus, which is her mobile art studio. You’ll be amazed to learn that she’s only been painting for ten years, after drastically changing her life and her home base following a debilitating illness. She really has an inspiring story.

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Carrie Schmitt

Rosie the Art Bus
Interior of the Art Bus
Interior of the Art Bus
Carrie with the ladies at her art retreat.

Here are some of the things we discussed on this episode (click on the names to follow the links):

Carrie’s website: carrieschmittdesign.com

Her Instagram

Her Pinterest

Here is more information about Carrie’s A Single Rose Project.

Here is a link to Carrie’s online shop where you can buy her artwork and products. Here is where you can purchase Carrie’s Rose Cards, so that you can pass do your own rose project.

While the online business class that she took from artist KellyRae Roberts is no longer offered, here are some of KellyRae’s other courses.

Some of Carrie’s art can be found at Art East Gallery in Issaquah, Washington.

Here is the calendar for Carrie’s upcoming retreats.

Here are some takeaways from this episode:

  1. As Carrie says, “Do one thing every day in the direction of your dream.”
  2. If you want to create a 365-day project like Carrie did, be sure that you work it into your daily routine. And make sure you give it a powerful end, like Carrie did when she gave her last roses out at a women’s shelter in Seattle.
  3. At the end of her day, she asks herself, “Did I do the best I can do today?” I think that’s a great way to reflect and prepare for your next day to continue on your art-filled path.
  4. As Carrie says, we need some down time to create a quiet space for ourselves. In this crazy time where we are attached to our phones, we need to relearn what it is like to sit quietly by ourselves and occupy our minds with thoughts that fill our souls.
  5. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to show photos of your art. Carrie was recognized in Pinterest and able to obtain licensing deals through that notice.
  6. Consider getting your artwork printed on products, like hats and water bottles. Carrie sells these things in shops and from her bus.
  7. If you can’t find or afford studio space near your home, consider an alternative space like Carrie has for her bus. Rosie the Art Bus came about because she was unable to find affordable space, and the cost of the bus was less than one month’s rent of a retail space. Now she can paint by the beach, at a park, where ever she wants to take the bus.
  8. Think about alternatives to offering traditional art classes. Carrie is offering a week on an island in Washington for women to work on projects in a quiet beautiful space, but there is no teaching involved.

I hope Carrie has inspired you to challenge yourself with a new project and be brave enough to try something new, no matter how scary or unusual the idea might be.

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