#44 How Artists Can Use Instagram

Instagram is perfect for artists who want to show their newest art, or their works in progress, or their latest show, or a video of their process, because it’s a visual platform. No matter what you’re posting on Instagram, it’s got to have a photo first. I’ll explain how easy it is to post photos and to look at photos. In a matter of a minute, you can scroll through photos on any topic, by artists from all over the world. You can curate your feed, so that you’re receiving posts by artists that use the same materials as you or the same techniques, or different ones if you’re looking to try something new. This is a beginner’s How-To for Instagram for artists, and does not delve deeply into how to gain thousands of followers quickly.

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My artwork that I've been posting on Instagram.
I've been making lots of these watercolor and ink pages and posting them on Instagram.. This one's my favorite.
These are all posted on my personal Instagram account, @suzanneredmondart.
I've started a new series that I'm posting to Instagram. I'm making collages with letters that were written to my grandmother 100 years ago. They came from a man who was flying for the U.S. in France during World War I. I post one every day or so and they will tell the story over time.
These are all posted to my @suzanneredmondart Instagram account.

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    thanks Suzanne! still working on the instagram site…
    hope you will check my page out PalmBeachRose and let me know,
    do you think I need to change it to business page? thanks!! Rose

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      Rose, your Instagram looks good! I’d only change it to a business page if you want to do promotions.

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