#53 Suzanne Redmond: Artist and Creator of this Podcast

Today’s interview is with me, Suzanne Redmond. A few weeks back Carrie Brummer of Artist Strong interviewed me for a Facebook Live segment. I replay that interview here today. We talked about my latest art series, Letters to Oregon, which is a group of collages from letters that were sent to my grandmother 100 years ago from a friend in World War I. We also talk about my art background before I started this podcast, and what it is that makes me an artist.

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Suzanne Redmond

Collage with part of a letter written to my grandmother in Oregon in 1918. This is one of a 16-part series of artwork that I created.
Closeup of letter.
Collage with a letter from 1918.
A sterling silver necklace with silk ribbon created by me.
Sterling silver and abalone necklace.
Dancing Archipelago -- 12" x 12" acrylic and ink on canvas
Wandering Garden -- 24" x 24" acrylic and ink on canvas
Filling the Tumbler -- 9" x 11" watercolor and ink on paper
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