#24 Art that’s Good for the Environment

#24 Art that’s Good for the Environment

In episode #23, I spoke with Jennifer O’Brien, the Executive Director of Resource Depot, which is a reuse center in West Palm Beach, Florida. She had a lot of great ideas on how artists can help the environment, and I’m going to talk about a few more here. I’ll give artists suggestions on how they can try to reuse things, leave as little waste, and decrease the toxicity to the environment.

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See if your area has a reuse center. You never know what you may find that you can use for your artwork or studio.
Here's an example of making art using unusual materials. I made these three strands using metal pieces from my Dad's work bench.
Here's a closeup. You can see plumbing parts, tools, nails, washers, and a part from a door lock.

To find out if your area has a reuse center, check out the website for Lancaster Creative Reuse. They have a Directory of Creative Reuse Centers in the United States and around the world.

You can find out more about reuse programs at the Reuse Conex website.

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