#251 Lisa Agaran: Wabi Sabi Art and Workshops

#251 Lisa Agaran: Wabi Sabi Art and Workshops

Lisa Agaran is an artist who creates in the wabi sabi style. She uses mixed media, including found objects. She also teaches and helps artists with their own creativity from her site called True Creativity Within. Her workshops are online, and you can take them live or recorded. Subjects include making oracle cards, learning how to create your own asemic writing, or using various mixed media materials and techniques. She hopes to be teaching in person near the end of this year. Lisa also does one-on-one coaching where she can help you to start a creative practice or take your art to the next level.

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Lisa Agaran

Lisa Agaran
Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji
Lisa Agaran
Haze at Mt. Fuji
Lisa Agaran
Forest to the Sea
Lisa Agaran
Lisa Agaran

Lisa’s art website is  Art by Lisa Agaran

For Lisa’s creativity coaching, go to TrueCreativityWithin.com




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  1. What an amazing artist and teacher! So grateful she offers such a wide variety of classes accessible through Zoom.
    Love her work!

    1. She has so many interesting classes! I love the concept of an asemic writing course. Thanks for listening!

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