#46 Create Your Own Art Opportunities

Artists often need to create their own opportunities to sell their art or to earn income from teaching classes. They need to evaluate their risk and not be afraid to try something new or propose a project to someone else. I give 8 examples of artists that I’ve interviewed in past podcast episodes that have created their own art opportunities for their business. My hope is that hearing their stories will help you to be brave enough to try or create something new.

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Jennifer Love Gironda (Episode 5) started a daily practice of making art. It led to a solo show of her work.
Connie Solera (Episode 45) created the 21 Secrets online class after interviewing artists. It's now a twice yearly class with smaller summer classes.
e'Layne Kelley (Episode 15) creates new opportunities all the time, and doesn't worry if they overlap. She's a true multi-tasker, handling new businesses all the time.
Roxanne Evans Stout (Episode 19) is not afraid to walk into a shop to ask them to sell her work, or to call a venue to propose a new class.
Carrie Schmitt (Episode 21) bought an old school bus and painted it to provide herself a studio. Now it's a mobile billboard for her art.
Artists Anthony Burks (Episode 27) and Trina Slade-Burks (Episode 29) have formed a business that creates pop-up galleries to showcase their work and that of dozens of artists. They first did this as a way to get their own art seen, but it now develops the careers of many other artists.
Artist Roben-Marie Smith (Episode 37) created 100 days of artwork, and has turned that into a class for her students.
Jana Freeman (Episode 39) created Way Art Yonder Studio in her home to bring art classes to her area.
And what opportunity have I created for myself? I created this podcast, and it has connected me with hundreds of artists from all over the world.

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