#69 Katiana Jarbath Smith: Honoring Her Culture with Her Art

#69 Katiana Jarbath Smith: Honoring Her Culture with Her Art

While artist Katiana Jarbath Smith was born and raised in South Florida, and she makes her home in the West Palm Beach area, her parents emigrated here from Haiti. Katiana started making art in middle school, went to a high school to study art, but then she abandoned art for many years. When you see her artwork, you’ll be amazed to discover that she only picked up painting again about a year ago. She’s now making a splash in the South Florida art scene with her meaningful paintings that are greatly influenced by her Haitian culture.

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Katiana Jarbath Smith

Joined Asunder
Tomorrow's Dream
Femme, Elle, Je, Reine (Woman, She, I, Queen)
Kanaval Ayiti I (Haiti's Carnival I)
Ti Zwazo (Curious Gaze; Little Bird)
Espwa de Jen (Hopes of the Young)
Ayiti Cheri I (Haiti My Love)

Katiana Jarbath Smith’s website is jarbathart.com.

She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Katiana has been involved with the Art Prevails Project with Darius Daughtry.

Katiana lists her upcoming art shows on her website here.

Here are some great takeaways from this episode:

  1. As an artist, there is nothing that you’re supposed to do. You have to do only what works for you. In art school, Katiana was told to always keep a sketch book and draw every day, but she knew that wasn’t something that worked for her, so she didn’t do it.
  2. Every artist has a story to tell. For Katiana, it is her Haitian culture and her family’s lives as African Americans. Find your story so that you can create more authentic artwork.
  3. Go to art shows and talk to other artists for guidance.
  4. Start an Instagram account and post everything you do.
  5. Even if you’ve been away from art for a long time, like Katiana was, you can return to art.
  6. Ask for permission if you want to use someone’s photo as your painting inspiration. She has even paid for some images so that she’ll know she definitely has the right to use them.
  7. Be a part of an art community, whether it is in person or online.
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