#100 Celebrating 100 Episodes

Woo hoo! 100 Episodes of this podcast!

This is a summary episode for the first Season of this podcast. I share some stats about the show and talk about some of the best moments from the first 50 artist interviews. I also share some things from behind the scenes and play bits that happened after the episode was over. I also reveal some exciting plans for the new season.

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100th Episode of The Left Brain Artist

#99 Morgan Winter: Painter and Maker in Brooklyn

Morgan Winter is a painter and all-around maker with a home and studio in Brooklyn, New York. She paints in bright colors, offset by dramatic black swirls and details.  She only works on projects that she thinks are awesome, and that’s been a great philosophy that has lead to many mural projects in the city, and gallery shows across the U.S.  She’s a maker that is open to so many opportunities, including those that she creates for herself.

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Morgan Winter

Gingko Galaxy
Floral Galaxy

Morgan calls her website and Instagram page Morgometry.

We talked about her Immersive Paintings, and you can find them here on her website.

We also talked about the surfboards that she decorated, and you can find them here.

Morgan talked about the video work of her friend Brian (@ow.ley). His Instagram is worth looking at.

Here are some great takeaways from this episode:

  1. Morgan is naturally a maker and the medium may change, but she’s always making.
  2. Be open and see where the path takes you. Just say why not, and be willing to accept new opportunities.
  3. When painting murals outside, realize that you no longer own the work. It is now living outside and is apart from you.
  4. No matter what you do, make it work but remain true to yourself.
  5. Use your time and energy to do only what you want to do. If you accept jobs that you don’t want to do, you won’t feel inspired to do the work.
  6. If you have an idea for something, then you need to just make it happen. Make it and the opportunity to show it or sell it will come later. You can do things because you want to explore something even if you don’t have an exhibit lined up for it.
  7. Because she stays true to herself, people realize she’s approachable and open to a conversation about a future art project.
  8. She only posts things online that she considers worthwhile. That becomes a motivator for her to only do things that are worthwhile.
  9. And finally, only do something because you think it’s awesome.

When I recently visited New York City, I got to meet Morgan in person! We had a great lunch together in Koreatown. Don’t be afraid to do the same — If you follow an artist on Instagram, and you’ll be visiting their hometown, ask them out to lunch! Artists are so giving and love to talk about their work!

Suzanne Redmond and Morgan Winter in New York City.

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Bonus Episode #98 Trying Out New Tools and Materials

#98 Trying Out New Tools and Materials

When working to develop your artistic style, it’s a good idea to try a lot of tools and materials. I try high flow acrylics, air brush medium, and watercolor markers, and I explain what they are and what I think of them. I also recommend my favorite kinds of pens and paint pens. Mark making has become very popular with mixed media art, and I suggest many tools and techniques you can use.

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Here are some paintings I did trying out new materials.

The three purple ovals were made using Golden dioxazine purple high flow acrylic.
The interior of the flower is high flow purple dripped on, then I used the handle end of a brush to pull the purple out to make the veins. On the outer edges of the flower, I used a small brush to lightly apply the paint.
OK, ignore the fact that the leaves on the stems look like arms. I made the stems by turning the canvas upside-down and using a brush to put on a heavy line. Then I blew on it to make it drip down. This worked very well because the high flow acrylic is so thin.
The gray circle behind the flower is opaque gray high flow acrylic. I applied it using a brush, but was really surprised at just how opaque it was.
The gray lines were applied using a paint tube pen tube that I filled with the opaque gray. It applies like a paint marker. You can see where it's thicker in the middle, but it flowed over on the edges.
The light dots were made by mixing airbrush medium with titan buff fluid acrylic. The medium thinned out the paint.
Golden high flow acrylics, as they come in bottles, and an acrylic pen tube that I filled up with the gray acrylic.
Golden airbrush medium and watercolor markers.
I used watercolor markers on top of a dry watercolored page. I drew on the marker and then brushed water over it.
Here I drew with the watercolor marker and I didn't put a lot of paint over it, so you can still see the red lines and the purple lines in the bottom left corner.
Here you can clearly see the blue lines I made with the watercolor marker.
These are the paint pens I like to use.
I also use the gelly roll pens and Sakura glaze pens.
Here's an example of a painting I did that was embellished with Posca paint pens and Sakura glaze pens.

You can visit the Golden Paints website to learn more about their paint products.

The gelly roll pen website lists all their pen offerings.

On Instagram, look for hashtags that may give you some art ideas, like #poscapaintpens, #markmaking, #sakuraglaze, #gellyrollpens, #highflowacrylics. You can also find process videos on YouTube.

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Episode #97 Sara Schroeder: Art Supplies and Instagram Tips

#97 Sara Schroeder: Art Supplies and Instagram Tips

Sara Schroeder is an artist living near Miami. She developed her art style by taking online art classes and playing with different art supplies and tools. She now consistently posts her artwork on Instagram, and has her artwork displayed in galleries. This interview is filled with art supply suggestions, Instagram tips, and shoutouts to many inspiring artists.

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Sara Schroeder

Sara can be found on Instagram under @saraschroederart.

Sara also has another Instagram account called Old Book Revivalists. You can join in the fun altering old books by using #oldbookrevivalists.

You can also find her on Facebook.

Since we talked, she has now put a bunch of art prints up in her Etsy shop.

You can find some of Sara’s art at the Heart of Delray Gallery in Delray Beach, Florida.

Sara started developing her art skills by taking classes through Creative Bug. They have an option of $7.95 per month for an unlimited number of classes. Sara particularly liked the classes by Lisa Congdon, Flora Bowley, and Pam Garrison. You can search the classes by artist here.

Sara took the class The Heart-Centered Art Journey by Devon Walz. While that class isn’t offered right now, you can find others on her website.

I mentioned artist Tracy Verdugo and her 100 Days of Abstracts. It was actually #thirtydaysofabstracts and you can find it here.

If you do a search on Instagram, you can find other 100 Day challenges that you might want to try.

Sara likes to listen to Andy J. Pizza’s podcast called Creative Pep Talk. You can find lots of business and Instagram tips in his episodes.

Sara mentioned a few inspiring artists that you can find on Instagram. They are worth looking up.

Clair Bremner

Melissa Doty

Devon Walz

Birdy Fitzgerald

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Bonus Episode #96 What is Email Marketing?

#96 What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is using email to promote your products or services. It can be argued that email is more important and a more reliable way to promote your business and convert that promotion into sales. I will explain how you can get names for your list, give recommendations for email software, and suggest what to include in a newsletter and how to create one.

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Who has an list of email names?
Who has actually used that list for email marketing?

I'm going to practice what I preach, and in the next two weeks I will be sending out a newsletter to my email list. I'll include some sneak previews of upcoming interviews. If you'd like to get on my list, please sign up using my Contact Form.

I interviewed Desha Peacock in Episode #95. She emphasized the importance of email marketing. If you would like to have her FREE Email List Building Training, use this link.