#194 Season 1 Episode Recommendations

#194 Season 1 Episode Recommendations

For this special holiday episode, I recommend 10 episodes from Season 1. These episodes include an artist who creates art every day; an art show curator; an art gallery owner; an artist and podcast host; a tech-savvy artist; painters, mixed media artists, and instructors. 

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The Left Brain Artist podcast Episode 194

Recommended Episodes

artist Jennifer Love Gironda
Jennifer Love Gironda -- Episode 5
artist Nicole Galluccio
Nicole Galluccio -- Episode 7
artist Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout -- Episode 19
artist Trina Slade-Burks
Trina Slade-Burks -- Episode 29
artist Roben-Marie Smith
Roben-Marie Smith -- Episode 37
artist Ardith Goodwin
Ardith Goodwin -- Episode 51
artist Laura Horn
Laura Horn -- Episode 57
artist AJ Brockman
AJ Brockman -- Episode 71
artist Mary Price
Mary Price -- Episode 87
artist Sara Schroeder
Sara Schroeder -- Episode 97
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